Hey, I'm a Software Engineer at Perlego with a passion for tech for good and blockchain.

Programming for 4+ years has taught me how much I don't know about programming.

I like hanging out in Solana NFT communities and going to the gym.


I have always worked as a software developer. During covid lockdowns, I attempted to create a customs declaration SaaS business and learned a lot.


I have been a member of this family for over a year now, and it is my favourite workplace ever. Showcasing my Next JS skills during my interview was one of the big reasons I got hired. I made significant contributions to the creation of the logged out Book pages of Perlego , which we created using NextJS. After we delivered the MVP, I created microservices to return the recommendations you see at the bottom of the book page. Then I became the tech lead of my team of devs, delivered two fullstack projects, and am now working on a long epic now.

Agile Import.

Set up a company to help UK traders make customs declarations after Brexit.

Here are more details about what I got up to at Agile Import.

Tech Stack

I have worn many hats as a developer, tech lead, scrum master, dev ops, and quality assurance. Also, working in teams and companies of various sizes taught me the challenges and blessings they bring with them.


html css ts js

Frame Works

react next node


mysql mongo postgre

Version control

github gitlab


aws heroku docker


First Class Honours from Brunel University London, Computer Science degree.

Specialised in

Final Year Thesis

Designed and simulated a decentralised network of mobile phones in a Festival to help find lost friends.

Other projects

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